How to draw graffiti letters?

How to draw graffiti letters for fun is something that people all over the world have often wondered about. While some people may be so very passionate about drawing graffiti letters that they do it all the time, others want to make them a hobby and some still want to learn to make them.

Drawing graffiti letters is something that most of us want to do but most of us have never really tried it. The reason why most people do not try this is that they do not want to mess up their first attempt at graffiti. Some would say that it is impossible to make it look good and at the same time not to mess up what you have done.

If you are new to graffiti then you might be wondering how to draw graffiti letters for fun. The answer to that is simple, you can just use your imagination and use the paper as a tool to help you make the characters on the paper stand out.

Paint them by putting just enough pressure on the paper to make them pop out of the page. If you want to do this using a pen, then put pressure in just the right places to make it look like you have drawn the lettering by yourself. All you need to do is make sure that the ink is still wet enough so that it is easy to draw on the paper.

If you are using a paper and pencil then make sure that you are using the word pad to help you draw the letters so that you do not run out of ink as you are doing the letters. If you think that you have run out of ink, then just use the pad again and then pick up more as needed.

When you are not doing the letters, you can also find some books that will tell you the names of the lettering style of each street gang. After that, you can just choose one and copy it from the book to have it as your own.

Of course, there are other ways of learning how to draw graffiti letters for fun. You could either look online or you could use another article of your choice.